Baby teeth might only have a life span of a few years, but they are critically important to your child’s healthy development. That means you can’t afford to ignore a cavity even if it doesn’t bother your little one. As a leading general and pediatric dentist in Surrey, BC, we’ve rounded up a list of reasons why you should consider tooth fillings for kids a priority—even if it’s in a tooth that’s almost due to fall out!

  1. Poor dental care during childhood is statistically a predictor of poor dental health later in life. There are many reasons for this, but the main one seems to be children who aren’t taught the critical importance of dental care at an early age don’t bother about it when they are older. Children should have their first dental examwithin 6 months of the first primary tooth appearing.
  2. Healthy primary teeth are vital for the development of the child’s speech, ability to eat, and the bone structure and shape of the face and jaw. When tooth fillings for kidsare maintained, it helps to keep the child’s overall dental structure sound.
  3. Untreated dental caries can cause discomfort and pain, and even when they don’t they can lead to other problems. Gum infections and abscesses, for example, can be triggered by the bacteria that collects in a cavity, regardless of how well your child brush and floss.
  4. Oral health impacts the child’s other biological systems and overall wellness. If a child isn’t able to articulate where he has dental discomfort, the only way you’ll discover there’s a problem is during a visit to a pediatric dentist. In Surrey, we understand that our patients deserve the very best attention regardless of their age group.
  5. Our mental health and wellbeing are closely tied to confidence and self-esteem, and a child who starts their school career with bad teeth or dental problems is more likely to be subjected to teasing, bullying and discrimination. This kind of treatment can have long-lasting effects on their life. With tooth-coloured fillings, even if a cavity is right in the front of the mouth you can make sure it’s treated discreetly and doesn’t become a trigger.

The best way to ensure good dental health for children with primary teeth is to schedule regular check-ups with your dentist. Don’t wait until a problem develops that requires you to find an emergency dentist for kids over a weekend or holiday period, either!

You can do various things beyond brushing and flossing to prevent toddler tooth decay, such as limiting sugary drinks before bedtime. Give your child a great start in life with good dental care from the beginning by making sure you get any baby teeth cavities filled as soon as possible.

At our leading general and pediatric dentist in Surrey, we understand the need for providing quality care for your child’s primary teeth. For more information on tooth fillings for kids and how to maintain your little one’s dental health, please click here to schedule an appointment with us.

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