If your child has had a lot of fillings placed, you might want to consider dental sealants when adult teeth erupt. Sealants are available at your dental clinic in Surrey, and they can ensure that your child grows into their best smile with a lower risk of cavities and damage to their teeth.

Sealants are thin plastic layers that cover the back teeth, helping to protect against acid, food debris, and plaque that can lead to cavities. Learn all you need to know about sealants at your dental clinic in Surrey and see if they’re right for your family.

  1. Sealants Can Help to Prevent Decay and the Need for Tooth Fillings

The primary goal of treatment with dental sealants is to reduce the risk of tooth decay and tooth fillings. The back teeth (molars and premolars) are hard to reach, and the surfaces are uneven with ridges, grooves, nooks, and crannies. Children can have difficulty cleaning the back teeth properly and there’s a high risk of cavities and tooth fillings between the ages of 10 and 16.

Sealants prevent decay by protecting the tooth enamel, so your child will be less likely to need tooth fillings at the back of the mouth.

  1. There’s a Lower Risk of Gum Disease After Treatment with Dental Sealants

Gum disease starts when plaque builds up over a long period. Plaque contains bacteria, which feeds on the sugars from food, leaving byproducts behind that irritate the gums. Gum disease can lead to advanced dental issues like tooth and bone loss.

If you want your child to have the best smile early in life, that they can maintain throughout the years, you can help by having sealants applied at your dental clinic in Surrey. Sealants protect against plaque and bacteria so there’s less irritation to gums.

  1. Dental Sealants Can Mean Fewer Visits to the Dental Clinic in Surrey

No matter how comfortable it has become to have dental treatments and routine dental checkups, kids still have some anxiety when visiting the dentist. Our caring and compassionate team strives to make children comfortable from the moment they enter the door, but it’s beneficial to have fewer reasons to visit the dentist.

Because sealants help to prevent cavities and tooth fillings, your child will be less likely to need to see the dentist outside of their routine dental checkups.

  1. Dental Sealants are an Excellent Investment in the Best Smile

Sealants offer protection throughout the most vulnerable years of your child’s life to ensure they start with the best smile. More children get cavities between the ages of 10 and 16. Having sealants applied will reduce the risk. Sealants can last for years, with the average treatment lasting between 3 and 10 years. With routine dental checkups, we can track the performance and condition of dental sealants.

  1. You Should Ask About Sealants if Your Child Has Had a Lot of Fillings

Children who had a lot of fillings in their baby teeth are ideal candidates for dental sealants. Treatment with sealants will reduce the risk of having a lot of fillings in adolescence and adulthood. We only get one set of adult teeth, so making sure that your child’s teeth are protected is a priority.

  1. The Procedure is Easily Performed with a Routine Dental Checkup

The procedure for having dental sealants is quick and stress-free. If your child has had a lot of fillings, having the sealants applied will be extremely comfortable in comparison.

Your child can be evaluated for sealants in a routine dental checkup. Having the sealant applied won’t add much time to the routine dental checkup, so it’s convenient for parents, too.

First, the targeted teeth are thoroughly cleaned and dried. An acid solution is carefully applied to the teeth so that the sealant can properly adhere and bond. The teeth are rinsed and dried again, and then the sealant is applied directly to the tooth enamel.

  1. Adults Can Be Treated with Sealants

Although it’s usually children who are treated with dental sealants, adults can also get this type of treatment. Adults are treated when they are at risk of tooth decay. Adult cavities can lead to a lot of fillings, so sealants are considered in some cases. No matter the age, everyone deserves to have their best smile. Anyone in your family can be evaluated to see if dental sealants are a viable treatment.

Give Your Kids the Best Smile with Healthy Teeth and Gums

Dental sealants are just one of the preventative treatment options for children at your dental clinic in Surrey. Preventing tooth fillings and the risk of gum disease, sealants can save time, distress, tooth pain, and protect the teeth of your children in the critical early years. Book an appointment today for a routine checkup and to discuss any of your family’s dental needs.

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