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A true revolution in restorative dental care, All on 4 dental implants are an option for extensive tooth loss on one or both arches of the mouth. As a permanent solution, you can enjoy a beautiful smile with a functional bite.

Nordel Crossing Dental Centre is your local dental clinic in Surrey, offering All on 4 treatments with the most advanced techniques designed for long-term success.

Discover the advantages of All on 4 dental implants and begin your consultation with the most trusted dental implant team in Surrey.

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Are You the Right Candidate for All on 4 Dental Implants?

All on 4 dental implants are more affordable than restoring an arch with several individual implants. The treatment and recovery are also smoother with this system.

Only your dentist can tell you if you’re a candidate for All on 4 dental implants. You can schedule an appointment at our dental clinic in Surrey today. All on 4 implants are recommended when you’ve lost several teeth in the arch and are at risk of losing more. You could also have treatment with the All on 4 system if you have extensive damage and decay.

All on 4 dental implants can be placed at our dental clinic in Surrey, even if you’ve suffered from some bone loss after tooth loss. Bone reduction is usually necessary to make room for both the implants and the prosthesis, so bone loss isn’t typically an issue.

You can even have All on 4 dental implants if you currently wear traditional dentures. If your dentures are uncomfortable or if you simply want a more aesthetic and permanent option, you can talk to us to begin your consultation.

The benefits are extensive and are mainly focused on functionality, comfort, and reduced cost.

Most people are suitable candidates for All on 4 implants. If you have any form of infection or disease in the mouth, this will be treated before implants are placed.

Your Treatment with All on 4 Implants at our Dental Clinic in Surrey

Treatment with All on 4 implants is carefully planned on a case-by-case basis. Treatments are always customized for the patient when you visit the best dental clinic in Surrey.

Your initial consultation is completely free. We’ll determine if you’re an ideal candidate for implants by reviewing your medical history.

  • Our team uses advanced CBCT scanning for diagnosis and treatment planning. 3D scanning ensures that implant placement is suited to your unique anatomy.
  • If you need teeth removed before treatment, this will be scheduled during the consultation.
  • Other conditions like periodontitis can be treated before implants are placed.
    As the name indicates,

All on 4 implants use four individual implant posts placed strategically along the arch. You can get treatment for tooth loss on the top or bottom arch, or both if you have extensive tooth loss.

In some cases, a temporary denture can be placed on the same day as the surgery. This is at the discretion of your dentist and depends on a variety of factors. You’ll be informed of the steps in your treatment during consultation.

Healing of the implants typically takes around 3 – 6 months, after which the final denture will be placed.

Why Should You Consider All on 4 Treatment at Your Dental Clinic in Surrey

The aim of All on 4 implant treatment is to restore the full function of your mouth, with an aesthetic smile that gives you confidence.

  • All on 4 implants are more affordable due to the reduced complexity compared to several individual implants.
  • The solution is permanent. The denture can be replaced, while the implants themselves can potentially last a lifetime.
  • The procedure and recovery are easier when compared to having several individual implants placed.
  • You can enjoy a beautiful aesthetic with normal chewing function. Because the denture is supported by implants and your jaw, you’ll be able to speak, smile, and chew freely.

You don’t have to wait to restore your smile. You can book an appointment at our dental clinic in Surrey today.

Anxious About Surgery? Your Comfort is Our Priority

We have served the local community for 35 years. We perform implant placement under local anesthesia so it’s completely painless. If you have some anxiety about dental surgery, we can perform dental sedation treatment.

This makes the procedure safer and helps the surgeon to work without interruption, and the time will fly by from your perspective.

We provide extensive information and support to ensure that you’re fully prepared for surgery and recovery.

Our compassionate team will ensure that you are comfortable from the moment you enter the clinic.

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All on 4 dental implants can give you the smile that you deserve with a mouth that is free of pain and infection. Enjoy smiling and approach life without limitations.

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