With All on 6 dental implants, you can enjoy one of the most reliable procedures for complete arch restoration. Designed to completely restore your smile and the function of your mouth, All on 6 dental implants are used in cases of extensive tooth loss.

If you want a comfortable smile that you’re proud of, you can talk to the best implant dentist in Surrey.

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Are You the Right Candidate for All on 6 Dental Implants?

If you need to replace all of your teeth in the top or bottom jaw, or even both, you could be the ideal candidate for All on 6 dental implants. The procedure will restructure your mouth with six individual implants designed to evenly distribute pressure from a permanent denture.

The treatment provides a beautiful and natural aesthetic with a functional bite that is similar to natural, healthy teeth. All on 6 dental implants can be placed even if you’ve lost bone density in the jaw, so it’s a suitable treatment for patients who already wear traditional dentures. If you have low bone volume or density in the jaw, All on 6 implants can typically be placed without complication.

You’ll appreciate the compassionate approach and detailed planning of the most experienced implant dentist in Surrey.

How Does the All on 6 Implant System Work?

Traditional dental implants use individual implant posts for each replacement tooth. The All on 6 system uses six posts placed at the front and sides of the mouth. Placement is based on your unique anatomy to ensure stability and an even distribution of biting force. Your implant dentist in Surrey uses advanced 3D scanning to carefully examine your mouth and plan your treatment.

The Benefits of All on 6 Implants With Your Implant Dentist in Surrey

Picture a treatment that allows you to speak freely with clear pronunciation. You will be able to enjoy the food you love and be free of pain. You’ll be able to smile with confidence, rather than hide your teeth.

That’s what you can enjoy with this advanced implant system from your implant dentist in Surrey.

  • Recovery is smoother than having individual implants placed for all of your missing teeth.
  • You can enjoy speaking, eating, and socializing again.
  • The denture is permanent and easy to care for. No more uncomfortable removable dentures.
  • All on 6 dental implants can instantly take age away from your face and restore its shape.
  • The solution is permanent. Implants can last a lifetime.
  • The permanent denture can be shade-matched to a healthy arch of teeth.
  • Your smile will look consistent and natural.

What if You Still Have Teeth Left in Your Smile?

If you have some teeth remaining in your smile, you can still get All on 6 dental implants with your implant dentist in Surrey. Tooth loss can compromise the position of your teeth and the structure of your jaw. It’s sometimes better to remove the remaining teeth after suffering from extensive tooth loss.

Extractions can be planned in your initial consultation.

If you have heavily damaged or diseased teeth, these can be removed to make way for implants.

Your treatment will be planned with a focus on your long-term dental health. Whenever possible, your implant dentist in Surrey will choose a solution that preserves healthy teeth. If you only have one or a few teeth missing in your smile, single tooth implants could be a better option.

The advantage of visiting the best implant dentist in Surrey is that you’ll get a solution customized to your needs. Treatment planning is based on a detailed consultation and advanced 3D scanning. Your health is our priority at Nordel Crossing Dental Centre.

Single Day Procedures

Your new implants can be placed in a single day. Most surgeries are completed within two to four hours.

A denture can be placed immediately in many cases, allowing you to return to your normal routine on the next day.

A permanent denture will be made in the laboratory and will be placed after your implants are fully healed.

It typically takes between three and four months for the implants to fully integrate with the jaw.

Your specific treatment timeline will be discussed in your initial and post-operative consultation.

Restore Your Smile in Confidence with the Best Implant Dentist in Surrey

Visit Nordel Crossing Dental Centre and enjoy a detailed approach to care with:

  • A free initial consultation.
  • Advanced CBCT 3D scanning for accurate diagnosis and placement.
  • Pain-free surgery with local anesthetic or sedation if you’re still anxious.
  • The best after-care from a compassionate dental team.
  • No bill for diagnosis if you aren’t a candidate for All on 6 dental implants.

Trust an implant dentist in Surrey that is committed to your dental health and the best surgical outcomes. Book your appointment today and learn how implant treatment can restore your smile so you feel beautiful inside and out.