Leveraging Technology at the Best Dental Clinic in Surrey BC

Dental Implant Technology

The most successful dental implants in Surrey start with a detailed consultation. The skill of the surgeon ensures a successful procedure.

Underlying it all is a fundamental commitment to the most advanced techniques and technologies.


The most essential piece of technology used for dental implants is also one of the most interesting. Titanium dental implants were first developed in the early 1960s and were placed after a short period of design testing.

Today’s technology is mature, based on decades of evolution over the original design.

Tooth loss doesn’t just affect the area of the tooth that you see above the gumline. The root is also lost, either through deterioration or removal. Without the root in place, the bone in the jaw will begin to degrade. Extensive tooth loss and untreated tooth loss can lead to significant bone loss.

Dental implant posts are inserted into the jawbone. They are threaded and have microscopic abrasions on the surface which helps to attract cells. As the bone tissue is stimulated, it regenerates and fuses with the implant. This process is known as osseointegration. Functionally, a dental implant is just like a natural tooth root. It can remain in place indefinitely as long as the surrounding tissues are kept healthy and free of infection.

Prosthetic teeth are attached to abutments that sit on top of implants. This completes the function and the aesthetic. The prosthetic can be made from a range of materials depending on the position of the tooth, your budget, and the recommendation of the dental clinic in Surrey BC.

In the case of All on 4 or All on 6 implants, a custom denture will be attached to the implants, either permanently or as a snap-on design. This development allows for complete arch restoration while preserving the jaw and ensuring sufficient bite pressure and force.

Technology has advanced to a point where single tooth implants and multi-implant dentures are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Your smile will look, feel, and function naturally. You’ll feel confident when you have treatment with dental implants in Surrey.

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You’ve probably had an x-ray at some point for dental treatment. Even if you haven’t you’ll know the essentials of the technology. X-ray scanning creates a 2D image of the hard tissues under the skin. For dental care, an X-ray can look at the jaws and teeth, right down to the roots.

While a 2D picture can aid in the treatment at your dental clinic in Surrey BC, it limits the ability to plan the position and the angle of implants. At Nordel Smiles, we have invested in CBCT scanning technology so that we can provide the most detailed case planning.

Cone beam technology is similar to an X-ray with the key difference being that it creates a 3D image. The scanner will develop a model of your face and teeth, ensuring that the implant position and angle can be planned with a high degree of accuracy.

CBCT scanning at your dental clinic in Surrey BC ensures:

  • Better quality and accuracy with a view of all angles for an accurate diagnosis.
  • More detailed imaging of bone and soft tissues.
  • A lower dose of radiation compared to a traditional CT scan.
  • Quick and pain-free scanning. A complete CBCT scan is completed in under a minute.

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The treatment for All on 4 dental implants in Surrey is a relatively recent development. First performed in 2004, this treatment uses four individual implants strategically placed along the ridge to ensure stability.

The survival rate for implants in the first 5 years is 98%. Most implants will last much longer, with the average treatment having success beyond 20 years.

This is thanks to effective planning, high-quality implant materials, and excellent surgical technique. For implants that go the distance, it’s important to choose a dental clinic in Surrey BC with a history of success.

In 2022 we are celebrating 35 years of serving the community with expert dental care and the most reliable dental implants in Surrey.

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The first titanium dental implant was successfully placed in 1965. We’ve come a long way since then. Today you can have effective treatment at your dental clinic in Surrey BC whether you’ve lost a single tooth or an entire arch. The technology we use at Nordel Crossing Dental Centre is key to your recovery and the long-term success of your treatment.

Discover the most important technologies for dental implants in Surrey and how they ensure successful outcomes.


Technology and the most skillful chairside techniques will ensure success for your dental implant treatment. Choose the clinic where technical excellence, careful planning, and compassionate treatment all come together. At Nordel Smiles we are committed to providing you with a healthy and beautiful smile that brings confidence every day.

Book your appointment at the best dental clinic in Surrey BC and enjoy the most advanced dental implant treatment in Canada.


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