Dentures are artificial devices created by your dentist to replace any missing teeth. Whether you lost the teeth through an injury or they were extracted for any reason, it’s important to replace them as soon as possible to retain the shape and structure of your mouth and facial muscles.

Far too many people in years gone by walked around with collapsed mouths, dislocated jawbones, and severe headaches, unable to chew or speak correctly and looking much older than they actually were.

At our dental clinic in Surrey, BC, dentures are a critical restorative dentistry service we provide to our patients to help them retain a youthful appearance and the functionality they need.

Types of Dentures

People’s mouths come in different shapes and sizes, and everyone has their own unique issues to deal with. That’s why we offer different types of dentures that enable us to customize the restorative treatment we provide each patient, depending on your particular needs and preferences.

Full dentures

Our dentists will likely recommend full or complete dentures when all your natural teeth are missing. These are usually two removable dentures, one each for the upper and lower jaw. They are made from acrylic mouth plates which carry a full set of artificial teeth, and are made to suit your appearance as closely as possible. This could mean being made to resemble your original teeth without any damage, or it might mean crafting dentures that improve your appearance over the way it was before extraction. Often, full dentures can help to rectify oral problems like a bad bite, and when these are well-made it can be almost impossible for anyone to realize you are wearing a prosthetic device. These can be made before full tooth extraction and inserted immediately, or patients can wait a few weeks for their mouths to heal before having their full dentures designed.

Partial dentures

For patients who have only a few missing teeth on either the upper or lower level, partial dentures are the ideal way to prevent your other teeth from shifting sideways into the gaps created. This kind of movement results in the remaining teeth loosening, which could cause them to fall out. Partial dentures are typically recommended if the teeth surrounding the gap aren’t strong enough to support a dental bridge, and when several teeth on the same arch need replacement.

Like full dentures, partials are made from an acrylic plate modelled to fit around the other teeth, which carry the artificial replacement teeth. They are easy to remove for cleaning and sleeping, and can also be made to match your other teeth.

Implant dentures

These are dentures anchored in place by metal posts inserted into your jawbone through the gum tissue. Patients often choose this type of denture to reduce the risk of difficulty and embarrassment caused by loose devices. While implant dentures are more common on the lower jaw, lots of patients have them on both levels. They can be removed and cared for like regular complete dentures, but offer a more stable solution for the wearer.

Cost of Dentures

The average dentures cost in Canada ranges between a couple of hundred dollars for partial dentures through to around $3,500 for full dentures. Implant dentures cost in the vicinity of precision dentures, but the cost of having the titanium posts implanted is an additional expense. Patients with top-up dental insurance may be able to claim back some of the cost of both the implants and the dentures from insurance, but most dental clinics require payment in advance for these treatments.

For more information on obtaining the right dentures to restore your smile, please call our dental clinic in Surrey BC and schedule your appointment today.

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