The perfect smile is a healthy smile that brings you confidence every day. Sometimes even a healthy smile doesn’t quite live up to our cosmetic expectations. If you aren’t happy with how your teeth look, dental veneers from your cosmetic dentist in North Delta BC could be the perfect solution.

Veneers dramatically improve the look and feel of teeth by addressing discoloration and stains, cracks, chips, spacing, and other imperfections. If you feel self-conscious when you smile, veneers with your cosmetic dentist in North Delta BC can change that.

As you consider treatment to give you the best smile yet, you can take a look at just how easy it is to maintain dental veneers in Surrey and North Delta.

Treat Dental Veneers in Surrey and North Delta Like You Would Your Natural Teeth

Dental veneers in Surrey and North Delta are permanently applied to your natural teeth. And, just like your natural teeth, dental veneers in Surrey and North Delta require daily hygiene care.

Treat your dental veneers in Surrey and North Delta just like you would your natural teeth – this means daily brushing at least twice and after meals. Regularly rinse your mouth with water after eating, and use floss at least once a day.

A regular hygiene routine will do more than just protect your dental veneers in Surrey and North Delta. It will protect all of your natural teeth and gums while reducing the risk of tooth decay.

For the Best Smile, Limit Your Intake of Food and Drink That Can Stain Teeth

Veneers can stain and discolor like natural teeth. They are particularly vulnerable to food and drink that causes staining. For the best smile, you should limit certain food and drink types in your diet.

As a general rule of thumb, foods that are highly pigmented or acidic can cause staining to teeth and veneers. You can eliminate or significantly reduce your intake of these to maintain the best smile.

  • Dark fruit juices, especially cranberry juice, can stain veneers.
  • Coffee and tea are well-known to stain veneers and teeth.
  • Soy sauce and other dark sauces like oyster sauce can compromise your best smile.
  • Balsamic vinegar is both acidic and dark and can stain veneers.
  • Blueberries should be enjoyed in moderation to avoid staining.
  • Ingredients in curry are known to cause staining.
  • Tomato-based pasta sauce can easily stain veneers and tooth enamel.
  • Dark soda can stain teeth and the sugar content is generally bad for oral health.

It’s also important that you avoid very hard food to prevent chips and cracks. Hard candy, seeds, and hard nuts aren’t compatible with a dental veneer smile.

Of course, you don’t have to eliminate these foods completely to maintain the best smile. Just enjoy everything in moderation and keep the above items off your regular rotation. When you do enjoy food and drink known to cause staining, always rinse your mouth and brush after.

Some Food Can Help Protect the Veneers Applied by Your Smile Stylist

Ever heard of a cosmetic dentist referred to as a smile stylist? It’s becoming more common and it makes a lot of sense. Just like a hair stylist or general stylist, your cosmetic dentist is a smile stylist that enhances a certain part of your appearance so that you can look your best.

And, with all of the work that your smile stylist puts in, it’s worth protecting your fresh new look.

We’ve covered some of the worst food and drink types that can damage your smile stylist veneers. You’ll be glad to know that some types of food can actually protect and help clean your teeth and veneers.

Pears and apples can help to clean teeth and neutralize acidity. Strawberries and pineapples can also be enjoyed to protect the bright and white veneers applied by your smile stylist.

Cucumbers are mostly water, which can help to rinse away food particles and dark pigments. Celery also helps to gently clean teeth.

While you shouldn’t rely on diet alone to keep your teeth clean and looking great, it’s always helpful to know which foods are friendlier to dental veneers.

Keep Your Veneers Looking Great with Regular Visits to Your Cosmetic Dentist in North Delta BC

All the steps you take at home will help to keep your smile looking amazing. And, most importantly, you’ll need to maintain regular checkups with your cosmetic dentist in North Delta BC.

You should schedule a checkup every six months to maintain your smile. In addition to keeping your veneers in their best condition, regular checkups will ensure that you stay on top of your overall oral health. Early detection of dental problems is the best way to avoid serious complications and expensive restorative procedures.

If you’re yet to create your best smile with dental veneers, you can book an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in North Delta BC today. A brighter and healthier smile is something that everyone deserves to enjoy.

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