How Exciting New Developments in Tooth Implant Technology Impact You

The latest developments in tooth implant technology mean if you were turned down for this treatment a few years ago, you should seriously consider revisiting the situation now. Scientists are increasingly working to improve the way products and techniques protect the bone, and these developments were on display at the recent 2021 International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. Infection and inflammation were also hot topics, and discussions centred around new systems aimed at making tooth implant placement faster and less risky for surgeons.

Here are some of the most exciting new inventions:

Increased Implant Stability

The new SLOCK implant system developed by Korean dentist Dr. Young Jae Kim presents a unique design and locking feature that increases the long-term stability of an implant. Dr. Kim previously experienced sinking problems, fixture fractures, and odor problems with specific brands.

The innovative system offers zero risk of screw loosening and a surface treatment whose roughness improves how the implant bonds to the jawbone. Since this design can be used by experienced and novice surgeons, it enables more patients to become eligible for tooth implants.

Smoother Insertion Capabilities

A second Korean company showed its prowess with the new G-Diff and IB implant systems. These systems use fixtures that allow the pressure on an implant to be centered on the apex, making it more stable even in a soft jawbone. The blade-cutting edge enables surgeons to insert the implant with less risk of damage to the jawbone. Patients can now achieve the model smile they have always wanted with a lower chance of complications.

Enhanced Flexibility

German company Dentaurum GmbH presented new, high-quality, natural-looking full ceramic implants at the show. The company’s tioLogic TWINFIT product’s design provides maximum flexibility using one implant and two connector geometries. This product enables dental practitioners such as our implant dentists in Surrey BC to include various options in a dental restoration procedure, such as fixed, dentist-removable, and patient-removable devices.

Increased Demand for Titanium Tooth Implants

A report released in October 2021 shows titanium implants, especially the endosteal type, are growing in popularity. Titanium is the best metal to use for an implant because it’s exceptionally biocompatible for the mouth.

These implants are an excellent choice for patients who want long-lasting, aesthetically beautiful, and functional teeth. However, subperiosteal implants are a better option for people whose former injuries left their mouths or teeth damaged or worn out.

The Good News

The ongoing developments in dental implants mean anyone ineligible for this form of tooth restoration a couple of years ago can revisit their situation. If you were previously turned down for being unsuitable for this kind of dental treatment, the changes and new discoveries could mean you’re now an ideal candidate for tooth implants.

There are now very few reasons why patients shouldn’t consider implants. The increased acceptance of this procedure by health insurance companies is also helping to increase the number of people who find it affordable.

For more information about new advances in dental implant technology and how these may impact you, please contact our implant dentist in Surrey BC for an appointment.

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