Dental implants are the ideal alternative to wearing dentures. They behave like natural teeth and can restore your smile, while resolving any problems you have with speaking or chewing. But what does this solution cost, and can you expect to pay more now that it’s a new year—and a new decade? If you’re considering getting a new smile in 2020, it’s vital for you to have a clear picture of what the process includes and what the dental implants cost could be.

Implant Types

Dental implants come in the following types:

  • All-on-4 implants. This option enables your cosmetic dentist in North Delta BC to replace your entire upper or lower row of teeth by inserting just four implants on each jaw. Before this method was discovered, replacing a full row of teeth required six to eight implants. This method is much faster, more convenient, and less painful.
  • Same-day implants. These are great for people who have suitable bone quality and depth, and the location of the implants needed won’t put too much force on the teeth.
  • Traditional implants. Whether you need one tooth or a full mouth of implants, traditional implants offer various ways of supplying these that depend on your individual situation.

The big question for most people is less about which type of implant is right for them, and more about what the dental implants cost is going to be.

What the Cost Includes

It’s one thing to get an estimated cost for the dental implants, depending on how many teeth you need. Where the costs add up is in the other procedures you might need, which will be identified during your free dentist consultation. These include:

  • Imaging such as X-rays, which is a vital part of the process. We’ll use the results of your scans to identify compromised teeth, see how much jawbone you have (and how healthy it is), and figure out the placement for the implants. Scans range from $25 to $200, depending on the type you need and the number required for your individual situation.
  • Extraction of any damaged or decayed teeth, to make way for the implants. Tooth extractions vary between $75 and $650, depending on the location of the tooth and its complexity. If you need surgical extraction with anesthetic, or a root canal procedure, that obviously pushes up the overall dental implants cost significantly.
  • Bone grafts, if the x-rays show your jawbone isn’t able to support the implants you need and keep them in place. The cost of this procedure ranges from $250 to over $3,000, depending on what part of your body the bone graft material is taken from, or if you use synthetic or artificial bone.
  • Implant materials, such as crowns and connector pieces. When we place the dental implants into your jawbone, they need to have a connector piece that goes on top to hold the new tooth. These cost between $100 and $400, depending on the type you need.

All these items help to increase the cost of implants, and since everyone’s situation is different, there’s no way to give you a single price for implants without first scheduling a consultation and finding out your requirements.

Dental Implants – Insurance

The good news is that many private healthcare insurance companies in Canada contribute to the cost of implants. Not only that, several of the other procedures might be separately covered, which will help you towards the overall cost. For example, your dental visits might be covered under one code, while sedation or bone graft surgery are covered under others.

For more information on dental implants cost, aftercare and insurance, please book an appointment with our cosmetic dentists in North Delta BC to discuss your options.

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