We’ve all read the statistics on how important a healthy, attractive smile is to our confidence and overall mental health, but sadly few people have perfect teeth throughout their lives. Fortunately, dental science has come up with multiple ways to restore or enhance a smile, and veneers are among the options available to patients in Canada. But what do porcelain veneers cost, and how much will you have to pay? Let’s unpack this issue.

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are super-thin shells made from tooth-coloured material, which are cemented onto the top surface of a tooth. We typically recommend these to correct problems such as:

  • worn or discoloured tooth enamel,
  • poor alignment and spacing, or
  • teeth damaged by chips or cracks.

Although this is mainly a cosmetic dentistry procedure aimed at giving you a perfect smile, veneers also help protect your teeth from future damage.

Eligibility for Veneers

To find out whether you’re an eligible candidate and to get an estimate on dental veneers cost, start by scheduling an appointment with our recommended dentists in Surrey, BC. We’ll evaluate your overall oral health and discuss various treatment options with you. Although fitting veneers requires removing very little natural tooth material, it’s still a procedure that’s irreversible. This makes it essential to understand the long-term implications of veneers.

We’ll also use this consultation to discuss your tooth shape, length and colour options and the smile you want to create. These factors determine the cost of your treatment.

Porcelain Veneers Cost

Veneers can be manufactured using porcelain or a composite resin material. At Nordel Crossing Dental Centre, we prefer porcelain because it delivers long-lasting, quality veneers that are unlikely to discolour in the mouth. At between $900 and $3,000 per tooth, porcelain veneers cost more than the composite alternative, which costs between $300 and $1,500 per tooth. However, the porcelain veneers typically last for 10 to 15 years, while composite usually only lasts between 5 and 7 years. This fact makes it vital to consider every factor when you’re making a decision.

These costs usually include:

  • The dental consultation fees
  • The design and manufacturing of the veneers
  • The cost of installing them in your mouth, including any dental sedation and follow-up care.

The final porcelain veneers cost depends on the number of teeth you have treated, the type of insurance you have and whether it covers cosmetic procedures, and the location you choose to have them fitted. Dentists in big cities like Vancouver and Toronto are typically more expensive than recommended dentists in Surrey and similar areas.

Many dentists provide payment plans for dental procedures that aren’t covered by insurance, so it’s a good idea to ask about financing options. You might also be able to get financing through a third-party provider or a personal loan from your bank.

What to Expect

You can get your veneers fitted in one or two visits, depending on the number of teeth you’re treating. We’ll help you choose the best colour from our chart, take impressions, use imaging technology to show you what results to expect, and compile a customized plan for the entire treatment that takes your budget and circumstances into account.

At Nordel Crossing Dental Centre, we aim to help you restore and enhance your smile using the best treatment optimized for your situation. For more information on what porcelain veneers cost and how they work, please click here to schedule an appointment with us.

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