Improve Your Confidence and Self-Esteem with Dental Implants

The American College of Prosthodontists estimates that approximately 178 million Americans have at least one missing tooth. In Canada, the percentage of the population might be higher or lower, but they are still a significant number.  If you’re one of them and the gap affects your confidence and self-esteem, now is an excellent time to consider getting dental implants in Surrey BC.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are metal posts or frames surgically placed into the jawbone beneath your gums. It creates a strong and sturdy base on which the dentist mounts one or more artificial teeth. The metal post then fuses with the jawbone to provide stable support for the replacement teeth. For a dental implant to be successful, you need to have healthy gums and enough jawbone to support the implant. If you don’t have enough jawbone, you could be a candidate for a bone graft.

How Dental Implants Boost Your Self-Confidence

We like to think looks don’t count, but appearances do matter—at least when it comes to cleanliness, grooming, and putting your best foot forward. Increased self-esteem and confidence in public environments play an important role in your quality of life. Since your smile is a big part of your personality and how you express yourself, it’s vital to show it without feeling self-conscious about unsightly or missing teeth. Some ways dental implants help Surrey BC patients to increase their confidence are:

  • Implants make you look younger: After you lose a tooth, your gums and jawbone start to shrink unless you keep them filled the way they should be. This is called bone resorption, and it causes your mouth and face to wrinkle and makes you look older than you are. Dental implants encourage the jawbone to continue new cell growth, which helps to support your facial muscles and results in more youthful skin and looks.
  • Implants restore your smile: A loose or missing tooth or bridge, a visible denture, or a bridge can make you embarrassed to smile. Dental implants are the most natural-looking method of tooth replacement, which means you can smile without concern that someone will notice you have a gap or a false tooth.
  • Implants help you speak and chew naturally: Dentures often move around in your mouth when you’re eating or speaking, which can result in some humiliating moments. Since implants are permanently fixed and integrated into your jawbone, it’s impossible for them to shift during speech or chewing.
  • Implants enable you to eat your favourite foods: It can be challenging to eat the healthy foods you love when you have loose or missing teeth. Dental implants are sturdy enough to allow you to have fresh fruits and vegetables, a good steak, or even hard candies. As long as you practice good oral hygiene to avoid the accumulation of plaque that can cause gum disease, you can eat anything you feel like.
  • Implants last for life: As long as you take care of your implants and follow your dentist’s advice, get regular dental exams and teeth cleanings, and use a dental mouth guardif you suffer from bruxism, your implants can last for a very long time. Even in your senior years, you can enjoy the youthful appearance that comes with good oral health, the ability to eat and speak naturally, and the confidence to smile warmly.

Confidence is Key

Self-confidence is the key to a life filled with happy relationships, a successful career, and a healthy, active existence. Don’t allow ugly or missing teeth to determine how you live it. Take control today and discover whether dental implants could be a solution for you.

For more information on dental implants in Surrey BC or to schedule your free consultation, please click here or call us at 604-593-7866.

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