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Invisalign® Clear Braces

We’re focused on bringing you the latest in dental technology to help preserve your oral health and protect your smile. Invisalign® clear braces or retainers are custom-made aligners that you wear for between 6 and 18 months, or longer if required.

The clear braces North Delta patients obtain from us are made from a mold or impression of your teeth. They fit your mouth to provide orthodontic correction for overly-crowded, widely spaced or otherwise misaligned teeth, overbites, crossbites, and other bite irregularities. They look very similar to the clear retainers worn after treatment with braces, but patients no longer need to wear unsightly braces to rectify their smiles.

Is It Difficult to Care for Invisalign North Delta?

If you’re considering Invisalign in North Delta or Invisalign in Surrey, you’ve probably wondered about the care requirements.

Clear braces in North Delta and clear braces in Surrey are a major innovation over traditional metal braces. They can be removed for eating and drinking, although the attachments should be worn for at least 22 hours every day. Care steps are very important, but they aren’t overly difficult to follow.

If you have Invisalign in North Delta or Invisalign in Surrey, you will need to take care to:

  • Always remove Invisalign in North Delta or Invisalign in Surrey when eating or drinking.
  • Brush your teeth after meals, and before wearing Invisalign again.
  • Avoid sugary drinks during the day. Only water should be consumed while wearing clear braces in Surrey or clear braces in North Delta.
  • Avoid candy, sugary drinks, or sweet foods while wearing Invisalign. Sugars trapped between teeth and the dental attachment can damage tooth enamel and lead to cavities.

Clear braces in North Delta are easy to wear and near invisible. If you want an effective solution for mild or moderate crooked teeth, clear braces in Surrey could be ideal. If you have anxiety about wearing traditional metal braces, clear braces in North Delta and Surrey will give you the confidence to smile.

Talk to us today about Invisalign in North Delta and Invisalign in Surrey. Affordable, comfortable, and effective; Invisalign could be the perfect way to straighten your teeth.

How Invisalign® Works

Invisalign® clear braces or retainers are custom-made for your mouth and fit over your natural teeth. They’re practically invisible, but are engineered powerfully to provide the right amount of force to shift or rotate the teeth until they are in the correct position. Every week or two, you change to a new, slightly different set of aligners, as your teeth move gradually into the right location and angle.

Saying Yes to Treatment

As the first step in choosing Invisalign® clear braces North Delta residents should consult with our qualified dentists at Nordel Crossing Dental Centre, to determine whether you’re a candidate for this process. If so, your dentist will provide you with an estimated cost for the overall treatment.

Should you decide to proceed, we’ll take digital x-rays of your teeth, as well as moulded impressions and photographs. These enable us to develop a customized treatment plan to follow, and will provide a blueprint of how the teeth will look at the end of the treatment, which typically lasts about a year.

Going Through the Process

The number of Invisalign® clear braces or retainers you need depends on the extent to which your teeth need to be corrected. Some patients get away with 10 sets of aligners, while others need 20 sets or more. Each week, you’ll wear a slightly different set of retainers for between 20 and 22 hours each day, except for when you’re eating meals or brushing your teeth.

The aligners look like trays with shaped pockets for each tooth, and each one is designed to move the teeth slightly more towards the right position. The process may cause some tenderness for the first few days, because you’ll need to get used to the pressure of the aligners pushing against your teeth. This generally eases fairly quickly, however.

Invisalign® vs. Braces

The concept of Invisalign® is based on the same tension traditional braces use, but instead of brackets and arch-wires that are placed across the teeth with elastic ties to secure them, the clear retainers are invisible to others. The brackets are also attached to the teeth with dental cement, while the retainers fit comfortably over the teeth without any assistance. Braces are typically made from metal, ceramic or composite material, while the retainers are a clear, lightweight, plastic appliance that is less than one millimeter in thickness, fitted by recommended dentists in Surrey.

Traditional braces can take up to two years to achieve full results, during which time the patient needs to have them adjusted by the dentist every few weeks. Once treatment is completed, a dental retainer is worn for a period to ensure the results last. With Invisalign® Surrey patients get clear braces or retainers that not only take less time, but require fewer dental visits over the period.

Cost of Invisalign®

The cost of Invisalign® clear braces in North Delta depends on factors such as how serious your misalignment problem is, how long the treatment will take and the number of retainer sets it will require. It also depends on which province you live in and the dentist who performs your treatment. On average, however, Invisalign® prices range from $5,000 to $7,000, and if you have supplemental health care insurance cover or a health care savings account, you may be able to claim some of the cost back.

Benefits of Invisalign®

The main benefit of Invisalign® over traditional braces is that the aligners are practically invisible. Unlike braces, which makes a big difference to your appearance, you can wear your retainers to work, school and during leisure activities, and few people will be aware you’re using an orthodontic device.

Invisalign® clear braces or retainers correct your smile faster, because you’re changing aligners every week. In addition, the aligners are removable, so you can go without wearing them for a special event without affecting your treatment progress.

If your smile needs help, Invisalign® Surrey patients can benefit from clear braces or retainers. If you’re ready to take action to correct your alignment problems, contact Nordel Crossing Dental Centre and schedule your appointment today with our recommended dentists in Surrey.