Traditional dentures have been used for generations to treat tooth loss. But anyone who has worn dentures would agree that they aren’t the most elegant or comfortable solution.

When you want a smile that is both beautiful and functional, there is an improved alternative to traditional dentures available.

Your dentist can place Locator dentures in Surrey BC, giving you the stability of dental implants with the affordability of an overdenture.

Discover the advantages of Locator dentures in Surrey BC and begin your consultation with the team at Nordel Crossing Dental Centre.

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Overcoming the Downsides of Traditional Dentures

Dentures are known as affordable and reliable treatments for tooth loss. After all, they’ve been used for centuries, dating right back to early human history. While the dentures used today are a far cry from the early technologies, they still leave a lot to be desired.

The biggest problem with traditional dentures is that they rest directly on the gums. While they can be affixed using adhesive, they never create the same kind of stability as natural teeth. Aesthetically, modern dentures can look quite realistic, but functionally, they can become frustrating to deal with.

  • You’ll need to train yourself to eat and speak when wearing traditional dentures. It might sound dramatic, but this is absolutely the case with each patient. Dentures tend to move in the mouth even when special adhesives are used. You’ll need to eat, speak, and chew much slower than normal as you get used to dentures in your mouth. This can be overcome, but it’s a level of discomfort that you simply shouldn’t have to deal with in modern dentistry.
  • And then there’s the care and the maintenance. Traditional dentures that rest on the gums need to be removed for cleaning and rinsing. There’s a higher risk of bacteria and irritation because the dentures are always resting on the gums.
  • Finally, you need to consider the fact that dentures do nothing to address bone loss and changes in your facial structure. Your jawbone will begin to recede because the tooth roots are no longer there to stimulate it.


Where does this leave you when you need treatment for an entire arch? Individual implants for every tooth would be impractical, but there is a solution in the middle.

Locator dentures in Surrey BC, also known as implant dentures in surrey BC, use implant posts and an overdenture to provide the practical benefits of traditional dentures without any of the downsides.

Like dentures, the treatment is cost-efficient. The team at Nordel Crossing Dental Centre is ready to begin with your evaluation and treatment planning today.

Locator Dentures in Surrey BC are a Stable, Affordable Alternative

Wearing Locator dentures in Surrey BC is a completely different experience from traditional dentures. This improved treatment for tooth loss provides practical benefits that you will appreciate from day one.

  • No more adhesives! There’s no need for dental adhesive with implant dentures in Surrey BC. Implants are placed to be used as anchor points.
  • The dentures are stable and won’t move around when eating and speaking. You can talk, chew, and bite with natural confidence. Dietary restrictions are eliminated.
  • Cleaning is simple. Implant dentures in Surrey BC simply snap off the anchor points for cleaning and rinsing.
  • Locator dentures are more affordable than dentures that are permanently attached to implants.
  • These dentures use smaller implant posts, so the surgery is less invasive, and the recovery is faster.
  • The Locator implants help to preserve bone in the jaw, so your facial structure is retained as much as possible.
  • You won’t suffer from the “sunken” look that many people end up with when wearing traditional dentures.
    Prosthetic technologies have rapidly improved in recent years. Locator dentures have a natural aesthetic.

You can think of Locator implant dentures in Surrey BC as a reliable mid-point between traditional dentures and permanently affixed implant-supported dentures. The surgery is more comfortable, the cost is lower than options like All-On-4, and you will still enjoy a lot of the practical benefits.

Most patients with extensive tooth loss are candidates for removable implant dentures. You can learn about the best solutions for your unique case by booking your appointment at Nordel Crossing Dental Centre.

See the Best Dental Team for Implant Dentures in Surrey BC

You don’t have to suffer from uncomfortable dentures. Tooth loss can be treated with Locator implant dentures in Surrey BC. You can benefit from a solution that is affordable, convenient, and comfortable.

  • Your first consultation is completely free.
  • We use digital scanning to ensure proper treatment planning and implant placement.
  • Photo records are available for free.
  • You can get all your questions answered with an in-depth consultation.
  • We customize every treatment plan for the patient. You’ll get the best solution for your needs.
  • If you aren’t a candidate for Locator dentures, your diagnosis fees are waived.

You’ll be proud of your smile with Locator dentures in Surrey BC. Tooth loss is easily overcome when you have the best dental team on your side. Book your appointment at Nordel Crossing Dental Centre now.