Good teeth make all the difference, not merely for smiling purposes; they have a big impact on overall confidence and self-esteem. Having missing, broken, or unattractive looking teeth makes it difficult for people to express themselves clearly and effectively.

As more people living in Surrey, BC realize the significance of dental health and its effect on their lives, whether at a professional or personal level, a growing number of people are opting for dental implants, dentures, and other dental appliances.

As far as dental implants are concerned, this industry has been consistent in breakthroughs and finding innovative ways of improving the overall standards and quality of its products. Here’s a list of developments in dental technology.

Computer-designed Implants

For all dental implant procedures, the ultimate objective is to have fitting bone stability. This is because crestal bone loss is still inevitable with the present state of dental technology. Consequently, bone loss or bone resorption remains a threat to the successful dental implant procedure, particularly to short dental implants.

With this ultimate objective in mind, dental practitioners and clinicians have researched various approaches that can occur to prevent bone loss. In turn, a new development has arisen, which encourages zero bone loss with the use of computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided design.

The dental technology seeks to produce precise duplicates on the missing teeth, which can undergo immediate replacement in the mouth. Once the elimination of the defective tooth takes place, a dentist will then place the replica in the empty space.

The advantage of this technology is that it provides symptom-free healing. This is equally beneficial for denturists because it offers them a more efficient way of creating implants.

Smaller Implants

The fabrication of smaller implants is currently a possibility in some parts of the world. While the standard was previously 5mm wide, today, denturists can make them in 3mm. A smaller size is beneficial because it’s less visible and is great for patients with minimal to no tissue or bone left. The outcome is a thriving dental restoration and higher satisfaction among patients.

Realistic Crowns

If you thought tooth implants had a natural look, today’s technological advancements have improved their appearance. New materials and printing devices have led to the possibility of developing more practical crowns. This way, patients can have tooth implants that don’t draw attention to their smiles.

The Creation of surgical Guides

Technological advancement has equally enhanced the development of surgical guides frequently used throughout implant surgery to acquire the most precise outcomes. Surgical guides denote custom-made devices that denturists fit over a patient’s tooth with the drilling sites for the implant marked on it. Recent 3-D printing advancement has made the guides more precise, allowing them to fit securely in patients’ mouths. The greater stability enhances their precision throughout the drilling sequence while surgery is taking place.

Antibacterial coating

Another breakthrough in dental technology has led to the possibility of producing an antibacterial coating product for implants. Although it’s not widely accessible, the innovation will certainly increase the longevity of tooth implants.

Food with elevated acid content can generate widespread acid erosion to the enamel not just on natural teeth but the implants as well. This is because the compounds that make oral implants are supposed to imitate natural teeth.

Recent developments, however; give patients more liberty to eat and drink whatever they want without the threat of damaging or destroying their oral implants. Presently, an oral implant can last as long as 20 years in comparison to the lifespan of dentures, which typically last up to seven years.

When merged with a constant dental hygiene regimen, the promising possibility could lead to a permanent implant that could last a lifetime.

Since their introduction, implant technology continues to revolutionize and improve how dental practitioners conduct tooth replacement; this has continuously resulted in beautiful smiles and functional dental restoration.

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