Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is the term we use for dental treatment that enhances the appearance of your teeth, gums and/or bite. It focuses mainly on changing the colour, location, shape, and alignment of your teeth in accordance with accepted beauty standards, an improves your overall smile appearance. When you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist North Delta BC-based Nordel Crossing Dental Centre is qualified and experienced to deliver the procedures you need to achieve the smile you want. Let us help you show off your beauty and feel good about yourself again.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry North Delta Patients Want

Our valued patients enjoy the opportunity to choose from several types of cosmetic dentistry, including:

Tooth Whitening

Keep your smile bright with a whitening option that meets your requirements. Choose between take-home whiteners, in-office procedures, or a combination of the two. At our cosmetic dentist in North Delta BC we also provide touch-up products to tide you over between whitenings.

Dental Veneers

These are very thin, custom-made tooth covers crafted from resin or porcelain, which we place over the front surface of your teeth. After removing a miniscule amount of surface enamel from each tooth, the veneers are bonded to the teeth using dental cement. The addition of veneers can give you teeth like a film star, because the process changes the colour, shape, size and length of each tooth as much as you want it changed.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are an important component of the superior cosmetic dentistry North Delta patients can access. Also known as caps, dental crowns fit over decayed or damaged teeth to protect them, prevent breakage, and aesthetically improve misshapen and discoloured teeth. Crowns are made from porcelain or ceramic for cosmetic purposes.

Composite Bonding

If you’re in need of a fast, low-cost alternative to a veneer or crown for just one or two teeth, our cosmetic dentist in North Delta BC can provide you with a dental bonding solution. This is the application of a tooth-coloured resin to a chipped or damaged tooth. The material attaches to the tooth and then hardens, after which it can be shaped and polished to match the other teeth.


Some dental problems are harder to rectify than others, and if you have crooked or protruding teeth the best way to resolve it could be orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, there’s no need these days for adult cosmetic dentistry North Delta patients to wear unsightly metal braces. Invisalign® clear braces are custom-made retainers that fit over your natural teeth to shift or rotate your teeth until they are in the right position.

Other Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

These are the main choices available from our cosmetic dentist in North Delta BC, but we also offer other alternatives. Teeth whitening, inlays and onlays, full and partial dentures or dental implants all enable to restore the beauty of your smile. We have an option for every patient, regardless of your dental circumstances, budget or the time you have available for procedures.

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