Dental fillings are one of the most basic forms of dentistry, with the earliest evidence of a filling made from beeswax found in a tooth dated 65 centuries old. Since the 19th century, however, dentists have used a mix of tooth fillings containing mercury, tin, silver, and copper that can be softened and placed in the cavity. This combination of ingredients created health problems when mercury seeped into patients’ systems, resulting in medical conditions such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.

If you still have any old metal fillings for a few years or more, our cosmetic dentists in Surrey, BC, might recommend replacing them with modern fillings.

Modern Day Fillings

Fillings used in dentistry these days come in several different materials, including gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, or tooth-colored composite filling material. The choice of filling depends on the patient’s specific need, but according to the Canadian Dental Association, the quantity of mercury in modern-day amalgams today is minimal. This metal is bound to the other substances in the tooth filling material, which reduces the amount absorbed by the body.

Replacing Tooth Fillings

Many dental fillings deteriorate over time because of the constant stress they get from eating and drinking, tooth clenching, or night-time teeth grinding (bruxism). Eventually, even metal fillings wear out, chip, crack or fall out, and you need to get them replaced. Alternatively, if your amalgam fillings are visible when you smile, talk, or eat, you might want to have them replaced for cosmetic reasons. Our cosmetic dentists in Surrey, BC, will advise whether replacing them with tooth-colored fillings will give you better results.

Tooth Fillings Procedure

The process of filling cavities is straightforward and can be done right in our dental office. Our dentists will take X-rays of your mouth if they need to and then numb your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues to ensure you don’t have any discomfort. We’ll remove the old filling material or the decayed section of the tooth and replace it with composite material color-matched to your natural teeth. A dental curing light is hand-held near to the tooth to harden the material. After this, the tooth is smoothed and polished to blend in with your other teeth.

Get the Safest Dental Fillings

The new composite materials are the safest dental fillings available. Previously, most people received tooth fillings containing high amounts of mercury, but this is no longer the case. The procedure itself is painless, and the materials we use to treat patients are advanced and conform to the highest quality standards.

There’s no reason to walk around with unsightly metal fillings in your mouth. Regular dental checkups will identify when your fillings need replacing, and the new tooth-colored fillings will make a world of difference to your appearance and your confidence.

For more information on tooth-colored fillings, please contact our cosmetic dentists in Surrey, BC, or click here to schedule a consultation with us.

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