Soft Tissue Grafting with a Good Dentist in Surrey BC

Receding gums can leave your smile looking irregular and less than perfect. Loss of tissue around the roots of teeth can also compromise your overall dental health. If you’ve wondered, can my smile be fixed, you’ll be happy to learn that there are smile solutions available with a good dentist in Surrey BC.

At Nordel Crossing Dental Centre, you can get effective treatment for receding gums with a good dentist in Surrey BC.

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Why Do You Need Soft Tissue Grafting with a Good Dentist in Surrey BC?

Choosing a good dentist in Surrey BC will directly affect the success of your treatment. Several symptoms can suggest that you might need soft tissue grafting. Receding gums might be obvious in many cases, but there are other symptoms to look for.

Here are the most common reasons to visit a good dentist in Surrey BC for soft tissue grafting…

  • Your gums are receding. This can occur with age or because of trauma or poor oral health. Whatever the reason, you can get the best smile solutions with a good dentist in Surrey BC.
  • You have sensitive roots when eating, drinking, speaking, or at any other time. When the roots become exposed, sensitivity increases.
  • Your gum tissue is fragile and inflamed due to infection, gum disease, or general deterioration.

Many patients notice their gums recede and then wonder, anxiously, can my smile be fixed? The simple answer is yes. You can have soft tissue grafting to restore your gums and your smile.

The Advantages of Soft Tissue Grafting Smile Solutions

Soft tissue grafting is one of the most commonly performed smile solutions. It rebuilds the gumline to protect roots and enhance the aesthetic of your smile.

There is a range of benefits available after treatment.

  • Improving the gumline protects the roots of teeth from bacteria, limiting the risk of infection.
  • Better gum health means a reduced risk of decay, cavities, and eventual tooth loss.
  • The appearance of your smile will be greatly improved, giving you more confidence.
  • If you need dental implants, soft tissue grafting may be recommended in preparation for your treatment.

What are the Different Types of Soft Tissue Grafting?

The specific type of grafting needed in your case will depend on how advanced your gum recession is. The approach will be determined based on your in-office consultation and a detailed oral examination. With accurate and detailed treatment planning, you’ll enjoy the best outcome with a good dentist in Surrey BC.

Some patients are left wondering, can my smile be fixed, thinking that gum recession is permanent. It isn’t. Soft tissue grafting is an effective and common treatment.

  • Pedicle grafting is used for minor cases. This is the best approach when there is early-stage gum recession. Because it’s less invasive, it comes with a shorter recovery period. This procedure relies on the existing gum tissue. A flap is made in healthy tissue to fold and cover an adjacent area where the tissue has receded.
  • A connective tissue graft can be made by taking tissue from the roof of your mouth. The connective tissue will be transferred and implanted in the area where your gums have receded. It will integrate with healthy tissue and provide an aesthetic and healthy solution.
  • A free gingival graft can be used in cases where gum recession is extensive. Tissue will be taken from the roof of your mouth, and then implanted at the treatment site. A free gingival graft is used in cases where there is an increased risk of progressive gum recession.

Soft tissue grafting is a routine procedure that comes with a high success rate. Complications are rare. With a talented dentist in Surrey BC, you will enjoy results where your gums are fuller, healthier, more attractive, and better able to protect the roots of your teeth.

Caring for Your Gums After the Procedure

No matter the smile solutions that are needed to bring out the best in your smile, there’s always an element of aftercare to get the best from your procedure. Soft tissue grafting with a good dentist in Surrey BC comes with a relatively short recovery time. Your gums will heal within two to three weeks. Discomfort is minimal during this time but there are some steps you should take to protect the graft.

  • Avoid hard food. Soft food is best during this period. Particularly avoid candy, biting around bones, or eating anything that could scrape or otherwise damage the graft.
  • Avoid hot food that could irritate your gums.
  • Don’t directly brush or floss around the treatment area. Rinse as per the dentist’s instructions.
  • You can take an over-the-counter painkiller for any irritation or pain in the days following the procedure. Pain and discomfort subside quickly.

Can My Smile Be Fixed?

If you’ve watched your gums recede over the years, you’ve probably asked the question, can my smile be fixed? The answer is yes when you choose treatment at Nordel Crossing Dental Centre. Book your appointment now if you’re ready to learn more about treatment for sensitivity and receding gums.

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