Soft-tissue grafting is when a dental surgeon removes tissue from one part of your mouth and uses it to cover and protect exposed tooth roots. Alternatively, donor tissue can be purchased from a tissue bank. The wound is sealed with a protective tissue covering and left to heal. After a couple of days, this covering might fall off, and in two to three weeks the periodontist will review the surgical site to assess your progress.

There are several types of soft tissue grafts our Surrey BC dentists might recommend for you, depending on your needs. These include:

Combatting Gum Recession

Gum recession is when the gum tissue surrounding the base of your teeth wears away or pulls back, exposing more of the tooth. It makes the teeth look longer and allows gaps or “pockets” to form between the tooth root and the gum line. This provides the perfect place for bacteria to build up, which causes inflammation and disease in the mouth. A soft tissue graft can counter gum recession and prevent the complications associated with the condition.

Reducing Root Decay

One significant role of gum tissue is to protect the roots of your teeth. When the gum tissues recede and pockets form, bacteria collect in the gaps. The bacteria eats away at the external surface base of the teeth, and if it breaks through to the pulp, it can cause decay in the root. By getting a soft tissue graft in Surrey, patients can avoid the creation of gum pockets that trap the bacteria against the root of the tooth and save their teeth from this problem.

Decreasing Root Sensitivity

As the base of a tooth becomes inflamed and the plaque bacteria eat away at the enamel surface, the tooth’s roots become increasingly more sensitive. When patients reach the point that their tooth roots and gums are bleeding, infected, and exposed, they are in the advanced stages of periodontitis. A soft tissue or gum graft can reduce root sensitivity before the condition reaches this level and avoid developing chronic oral health concerns.

Improving Gum Health

Some people have thin, fragile gum tissue, making them more likely to develop receding gums or gum inflammation. This situation can be caused by periodontal disease or toothbrush abrasion, which causes the tissue to recede and expose more of the unprotected tooth surface, increasing the risk of decay and tooth loss. A soft tissue grafting procedure done under dental sedation in Surrey BC can help stabilize and support the gum tissue in the mouth, encourage it to integrate with the new tissue, and result in healthier, thicker, and more stable gums.

Avoiding Jaw Bone Loss

Bone resorption resulting from missing teeth and other issues can affect the adjacent teeth and their gum tissues. A gum graft can help to reduce further recession and half the bone loss. In some cases, a soft tissue graft in Surrey can prevent further recession and bone loss and reduce tooth sensitivity.

Nobody looks attractive and welcoming with a smile showing long teeth with gaps between them. Improve your confidence and your smile by enhancing your gums. Speak to us today to discover how a qualified and experienced full mouth reconstruction dentist can help you improve your appearance and oral health.

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