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Patients wear mouth guards supplied by our dentist in North Delta BC for a number of reasons, which include providing protection against sports injuries for teeth, tongue, lips, face, gums, and jaws. These prevent snoring, bruxism or tooth grinding, all of which can damage your teeth, cause your bite to become misaligned and resulting in wear and tear, tooth decay, painful gums, and other conditions.

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Why You Should Wear a Mouth Guard for Sports

Many sports activities result in injury to players. While the vast majority of these injuries heal over time without any lasting effects, oral injuries can have long-term consequences such as tooth loss, oral pain, difficulty speaking and chewing, concussion, and poor self-esteem as a result of the effect on appearance.

Custom-designed mouth guards made from flexible plastic are shaped by our dentist Delta BC to fit the individual patient’s teeth, using technologies that monitor speed and performance as well as impact. Data shows the use of a mouth guard can improve players’ strength and endurance while reducing stress levels.

Patients wearing metal braces are particularly at risk from injuries during sports because of the presence of the appliance in their mouth, as well as the cost of replacement if the braces are damaged.

Wearing Mouth Guards at Night

Protection is the main reason why our dentist in North Delta BC supplies mouth guards for use while sleeping, too. Patients typically require night guards for the following reasons:

  • Bruxism or tooth-grinding is typically caused by stress or anxiety, but some medications can also be the culprit. Even patients who don’t actively grind their teeth enough to cause damage may find themselves clenching their jaw during the night. The pressure created by this clenching or grinding can cause teeth to crack, chip or break, or to become loose in their sockets. Tooth fillings may become unattached, teeth and bite misaligned, and the pressure can result in painful, swollen gums that are susceptible to bacterial infection.
  • Snoring and sleep apnea, while not harmful to your dentition, can cause a range of other medical conditions including airway obstructions, insomnia, heart problems, exhaustion, mental confusion and morning headaches. A mouth guard fitted professionally by our dentist in Delta BC can help you get a better night’s sleep without the disturbances caused by snoring.

A custom mouth guard is your best bet for protecting yourself against any of the effects of injury, tooth grinding or snoring.

Getting a Custom Mouth Guard

Custom mouth guards are made by our dentist in North Delta BC, who first takes an impression of your teeth to create an exact model of your smile. This is used to create a structure made from superheated plastic, which is durable and varies in thickness depending on your needs. The design can be personalized to give you better jaw muscle positioning and reduce strain, and can be adapted for protection during most types of sport.

The Numbers Have It

Statistics from 2014 show custom mouth guards outperformed store-bought guards significantly, and this fact is increasingly accurate as technological advances impact the dental world. Price is higher for a custom-made mouth guard, which is a factor for many patients. Our dentist in Delta BC accepts a range of payment types and works with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered treatments.

Whether you need custom mouth guards, professional teeth cleaning, root canal therapy, or clear braces Surrey dentists are here to help. For more information on any of these processes, please schedule an appointment with our professional dental team.