Tooth loss is a concern of millions of Canadians. Whether lost through an accident or sports injury, decay, or gum disease, you can get effective treatment with your dentist in Surrey. For decades now, a tooth implant in Surrey has been the gold standard for restoration. Unlike other treatment options, having a tooth implant in Surrey ensures a permanent solution with optimal protection for your long-term oral health.

Learn why you might need a tooth implant in Surrey, and how this treatment method will result in your best smile.

Dental Implants in Surrey Outperform Dental Bridges

If you’ve lost a single tooth, dental implants in Surrey and dental bridges will usually be the most viable treatment options for the best smile. Although they seek to address the same problem, they have unique approaches.

A dental bridge can be placed by attaching crowns to the surrounding healthy teeth. These support the ‘bridge’ or prosthetic tooth. There are some variations of this treatment, with some bridges supported with attachments at the back of surrounding teeth, rather than on the top.

Dental implants in Surrey don’t just fill the gap left by a missing tooth. They are implanted into the jaw and replace both the root and the tooth on top to create your best smile. A more permanent solution, dental implants in Surrey have better long-term health outcomes.

Having an Implant with Your Dentist in Surrey Will Prevent Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, the jaw will lose material over time. This can compromise the stability of surrounding teeth and may lead to changes in the structure of your mouth and face. Bone loss with a single missing tooth is less pronounced than with several teeth, but it’s still a concern.

A bridge placed by your dentist in Surrey fills the gap between remaining teeth, but it doesn’t do anything to prevent bone loss. Dental implants in Surrey stimulate the jaw and integrate just like natural teeth. Bone density is maintained to limit future complications and ensure that you have the best smile. Your dentist in Surrey will recommend dental implants in Surrey if bone loss is a concern.

Dental Implants Give You Your Best Smile

Bridges look good and the appearance of this type of restoration has come a long way in recent years. But, for the aesthetic, nothing beats a single tooth implant in Surrey. The crown will look completely natural and can be shade-matched to your existing teeth. Nobody will know that you have an implant once the treatment is complete. If you want the best smile that looks flawless and natural, an implant is an ideal solution.

Dental Implants from Your Dentist in Surrey Can Last a Lifetime

Your dentist in Surrey is committed to protecting your smile, today and long into the future. Dental bridges typically last around seven years, sometimes up to ten, before replacement or maintenance is needed. Dental implants in Surrey can last a lifetime.

The implant post itself, when integrated with the bone, can be indefinitely maintained, just like your natural teeth and roots. The crown will last around 15 years (sometimes longer) and is easily replaced. While a tooth implant in Surrey will cost more than a bridge or denture, the durability makes it a worthy investment.

Mini Implants in Surrey

The development of mini implants in Surrey makes it more viable to have implant surgery for a single tooth, even at the front of the mouth.

Mini implants in Surrey are based on the same basic principle as traditional implants, but there are a few differences

  • Mini implants are a one-piece system with a small diameter. The abutment and implant post are one integrated unit.
  • The replacement crown is attached with a socketed system.
  • Mini implants in Surreyrange from 1.8mm to 3.3mm in diameter, so the surgery is less invasive with a shorter healing time.

If you have lost some of the density in your jaw, mini implants can be placed without complication. The implant can even stimulate the remaining bone so that the jaw becomes more stable and consistent. You can even have mini implants in Surrey placed to replace small teeth like incisors.

In some cases, mini implants in Surrey can be immediately loaded. This means you can walk into, and out of the clinic with a full smile. A permanent replacement crown will be attached after the healing stage.

Treat Tooth Loss With a Tooth Implant in Surrey

You can book your consultation today to find out if a tooth implant in Surrey is right for you. With a permanent solution, you can eliminate the gap in your smile, protect surrounding teeth, and preserve the bone in your jaw. Implants are suitable for many people but even if you can’t have an implant, your dentist in Surrey will provide an effective solution that gives you confidence in your smile.

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