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Tooth-coloured or white fillings are a safe, natural-looking alternative to the traditional silver amalgam fillings. Made from a composite material that combines tiny glass or quartz particles, synthetic resin and a binding ingredient, these tooth fillings are used for repairing cavities in suitable locations of a patients’ mouth.

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The White Tooth Fillings Procedure

White or tooth-coloured fillings typically take longer to fit than metal or amalgam fillings do. This is partly because the tooth needs to be clean and dry during the process. Your dentist in Surrey BC will use freezing to numb the area surrounding the tooth, and then clean and remove all decayed material from the tooth. He will carefully prepare the space, followed by inserting layers of composite resin into the hole. These harden by means of the glow from a hand-held dental curing light, after which the new tooth filling is sculpted and polished until it blends in with your tooth’s natural shape and function.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Due to the cosmetic benefits, composite tooth fillings are now used more frequently than any other type. The fillings are white and blend in with the teeth surrounding the restoration, which gives patients the advantage of a natural look. The tooth is also stronger after the filling, which means it is better able to bond to its surroundings. These fillings can be used for even the smallest dental cavity, and are very much safer than the old-fashioned silver, mercury or amalgam fillings.

Tooth Fillings Costs

Composite or white tooth fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings, but they are lower-priced than gold fillings. And because they are inserted by our dentist in Surrey BC directly into the cavity, they can be done most often in one appointment. This reduces your consultation fees for the dentist. The overall cost of tooth fillings varies from one patient to another, because it’s dependent on exactly what the dentist will need to do for you. It also depends on how many surfaces of the tooth need to be filled and the type of insurance cover you have, which frequently doesn’t include the added costs of composite fillings instead of amalgam.


These types of tooth fillings break more easily than other, metal- and gold-based ones. Recurring decay can be more of a problem that you can expect to have with either amalgam or gold fillings. In addition, these fillings take longer to place in the tooth than a basic metal filling, and they may discolor over time. With a healthy oral hygiene program, however, your tooth-coloured fillings can last well and provide you with a beautiful smile unspoiled by the obvious presence of fillings.

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