What Are the Best Dentures Surrey BC Patients Can Get?

Wearing dentures isn’t something anyone dreams about, especially if you had a parent or grandparent who struggled during their senior years with their dentures. While some tooth loss can be unavoidable, the good news is that there are multiple tooth restoration methods you can choose between these days. Replacing missing teeth with artificial restorations is essential for maintaining your physical and mental health.

If dentures are in your future, make it your mission to get the best dentures Surrey BC has to offer. Here’s what you need to know to make the right choices.

Complete Traditional Dentures

Dental implants or complete dentures are the only full restoration option available for patients who need to have most or all of their teeth removed. A conventional full upper or lower denture rests on the gum ridge and is removable for cleaning and resting.

Traditional-style dentures consist of acrylic or porcelain artificial teeth embedded in and held together by an acrylic or metal base plate. Upper and lower dentures can be made separately, but if you need all your teeth replaced, it’s best to have the complete set made at the same time to ensure a correctly articulated bite.

Partial Dentures

Our Surrey BC practitioner might recommend a removable partial for your denture smile makeover if you have only a few teeth missing. This device has artificial teeth and a pink-tinted acrylic artificial gum attached to a metal frame that holds the denture in place. Partial dentures are typically recommended when you have a few teeth missing in different parts of the mouth, instead of the fixed dental bridges usually suggested for replacing a few adjacent teeth. Benefits of a partial denture include supporting the structure of your mouth to prevent your other natural teeth from shifting and loosening.

Immediate Dentures

The best dentures in Surrey BC are designed and manufactured before you have your natural teeth extracted and placed in your mouth immediately after extraction. Immediate dentures support your mouth structure and enable you to chew and speak during the healing process. They typically need to be refitted or replaced as your mouth changes, but they allow you to avoid being toothless during healing.

Supported and Snap-In Dentures

An implant-supported denture is an appliance containing artificial teeth that rests on metal posts implanted in the jawbone. The device has an acrylic base that resembles natural gum, along with porcelain or acrylic teeth. At our dental clinic in Surrey BC we make these dentures in two types:

  • Bar-retained dentures, which have a thin metal bar that matches the curved shape of the jaw. The bar is fastened to the implant, and the denture then clips over the bar.
  • Ball-retained dentures have attachments that fit onto ball-shaped metal studs on the implants to secure them.

Snap-in dentures are also supported either by implants or by anchors attached to existing teeth. All types of supported dentures are suitable for patients with a few stable, remaining natural teeth or those who have enough bone tissue to support an implant. Patients whose jawbone is not solid or dense enough may be eligible for a bone graft.

Dentures offer one of the most affordable ways to replace missing teeth. To choose the best dentures in Surrey BC, you’ll need to consult with an experienced dental professional and get X-rays taken of your mouth. Our friendly and compassionate team will discuss your options with you and recommend the best course of action.

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