What are the Myths About Dental Cleaning Near Me? Tips From a Pediatric Dentist in Surrey

When it comes to your child’s teeth, you must get them off to a healthy start. Taking care of teeth can build good habits for life, and it starts at home. Your child should also have regular visits with a pediatric dentist in Surrey, especially for dental cleaning.

Is teeth cleaning necessary? How often should I book an appointment at a pediatric dentist in Surrey? Get answers to your most important questions as we dispel these common dental myths.

Myth #1 – Dental Cleaning Near Me is Painful

Children can be much more sensitive to pain. As a parent, you naturally want to avoid anything that would be uncomfortable for your child. There’s a misconception that cleaning with a pediatric dentist in Surrey is painful, but the truth is the exact opposite.

Looking for the best dentist for in-office dental cleaning near me? You will love the results with our pediatric dentist in Surrey. We take steps to ensure that your child is comfortable and our staff is trained and experienced to ensure that children of all ages get the best care.

We are a pediatric dentist in Surrey, so we have the right equipment to ensure that children’s mouths and gums are protected during in-office cleaning. We can even teach you and your child the right techniques to follow at home to ensure that oral hygiene is never a painful process.

Myth #2 – In-Office Cleaning Doesn’t Matter – Is Dental Cleaning Near Me Necessary?

Some people believe that in-office cleaning isn’t necessary for children. You might have even asked the question yourself. Is teeth cleaning necessary for my child?

At home, the answer is yes. And, in the dental office, the answer is still yes.

Why is teeth cleaning necessary for my child, you might ask? It’s for all the same reasons that it’s necessary for you. In-office cleaning removes the plaque and tartar that home brushing misses. Surfaces between teeth are also thoroughly cleaned. And, it gives the dentist a chance to assess the oral health of your child, so that any potential problems can be detected early.

Myth #3 – If Your Child is Healthy, They Don’t Need Cleaning – Is Teeth Cleaning Necessary for Healthy Kids?

Let’s consider one of the other great myths of seeing a pediatric dentist in Surrey, or anywhere else for that matter.

Is teeth cleaning necessary if your child is otherwise healthy and doesn’t have cavities? Is teeth cleaning necessary if you help your child to brush their teeth? Is teeth cleaning necessary if baby teeth are going to fall out anyway? These are all valid questions, but the answer is always YES.

You might assume that since your child has great teeth, they don’t need in-office cleaning. In reality, this is even more reason to look for dental cleaning near me. Professional treatments will protect your children’s teeth to ensure that they develop properly. In-office cleaning removes plaque and bacteria near the gum line, which can prevent gum disease.

If you want adult teeth to come through naturally and in full health, then regular in-office cleaning will be an essential part of the process.

Myth #4 – Only Adults Need Dental Cleaning Near Me

There are more searches for adult dental cleaning near me when compared to pediatric dental cleaning. However, both kids and adults need in-office cleaning every six months. There are differences between young and older mouths, but the fundamental facts remain the same.

In-office cleaning is the best way to ensure that teeth are protected. Professional cleaning leaves teeth in better condition while also giving the opportunity to have a routine check-up. You should never skip in-office cleaning for anyone in your family.

Myth #5 – It’s too Expensive!

Finally, we come to one of the most common, and one of the most wrong myths of all. In-office cleaning isn’t expensive and in many cases, your insurance provider can cover most of the service (depending on your plan).

In-office cleaning is affordable and it’s also a great investment because it can help to prevent complex dental problems from developing. With regular cleaning, there’s less risk of cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss, which are all problems that cost significantly more to treat.

Book In-Office Teeth Cleaning at Nordel Crossing Dental Centre

Our experienced team is standing by to provide the best dental care for you and your family. As we’ve shown above, cleaning with a pediatric dentist in Surrey is important, and can be considered necessary for every child.

Book in-office cleaning and a check-up every six months and ensure that your child’s dental health is protected. Contact us to learn more and schedule your appointment with the best pediatric dentist in Surrey.

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