Why You Should Visit Your Implant Dentist in Surrey to Replace a Missing Tooth

A missing tooth can sap your confidence and leave your smile incomplete. A missing tooth also has functional implications, like increasing the risk of losing another tooth, suffering from bone loss, or having your remaining teeth move out of position. There are several options for tooth replacement available today, but none are as effective as treatment with an implant dentist in surrey.

Tooth implants in surrey are the most effective way to restore your smile. Let’s find out why.

Tooth Implants in Surrey are the Gold Standard for Tooth Replacement

Tooth implants or dental implants can restore missing teeth with a replacement that is functionally and esthetically identical to a natural equivalent. Tooth implants in Surrey look and feel so good that you won’t even tell the difference in your own mouth.

Unlike bridges and dentures, tooth implants in Surrey permanently fuse with the jaw to provide a permanent solution. Think of the implant as a durable platform, on which a replacement tooth is placed. Tooth implants in Surrey stimulate the jaw, so you won’t suffer from bone loss and changes in your facial appearance.

While the surgery for tooth implants in Surrey does cost more than some other treatments, the longevity of implants helps to balance the cost over time. Providing that the implant integrates well and is kept healthy, you could keep it in place for a lifetime.

What’s the Dental Implants Procedure?

The dental implants procedure is relatively straightforward, and it also helps to explain why dental implants are so effective.

In the dental implants procedure, an implant post made from titanium will take place of a natural tooth root.

  • The implant is inserted into the bone using a small guide drilled by the dentist.
  • The healing process takes place and the bone fuses with the implant (osseointegration).
  • When healed, a dental abutment is placed on the top of the implant, and an artificial crown is attached to the abutment.

While implants can last for a lifetime, most crowns typically last around 10 to 15 years. Cases can vary. You can care for implants and crowns just like you would your natural teeth.

Because implants fuse with the bone in the jaw, they are incredibly stable and functionally take the place of a natural tooth root.

Healing from the dental implants procedure takes up to two weeks, but osseointegration can take four to six months. You can have a temporary crown placed while the implant fuses with the bone.

Although it takes time, the dental implants procedure is relatively quick considering that you can enjoy a permanent solution for a missing tooth.

Are There Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Dental Implants in Surrey

In most cases, if you are 18 years of age or older, then you can probably get dental implants in surrey. However, there are rare cases where implants aren’t the best option.

Dental implants in surrey have a high success rate and the long-term survivability of the implant usually exceeds 20 – 30 years. Some patients keep their dental implants in Surrey for a lifetime. Some conditions can reduce the feasibility of implants, and these will be considered when you visit your implant dentist in Surrey for a consultation.

  • If you’re pregnant, then you should avoid having dental implants in Surrey. Doctors recommend against any kind of elective surgery while pregnant. You could have a temporary denture placed in the meantime and visit your implant dentist in Surrey after your term.
  • If you have advanced periodontal disease then you won’t be a suitable candidate for dental implants in Surrey. The disease will first be treated before implants are recommended.
  • If you lack bone in the jaw then there’s a risk of dental implants in Surrey failing. This can be overcome with bone grafting treatment before the dental implants procedure.
  • Your implant dentist in Surrey will provide treatment alternatives if you have diabetes or an autoimmune disease that could interfere with healing.

Even if you can’t get implants, there are other options available. Crowns and bridges, or dentures, can provide an aesthetic treatment with easy maintenance. You’ll get the best options to replace a missing tooth when you visit the best family dentist in Surrey.

Book Your Appointment with the Best Implant Dentist in Surrey

There are so many good reasons to choose tooth implants if they’re available to you:

  • A more natural smile.
  • Longer lasting than alternatives.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • No bone loss.
  • Protects surrounding teeth.
  • Crown can be shade-matched to your natural teeth.

If you need to replace a missing tooth or even several teeth, you can talk to your implant dentist in Surrey today. Start by booking your appointment and get the most detailed and compassionate care to restore your smile.

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